Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kids Winter Wear For Sale

I have the following items available for sale. Contact me at cmahmhprz@aol.com if you are interested:

Boys Size 4/S Coat - Name Brand / Protection System
This coat is in good condition although there are a few small spatters of white paint in a few places, (on the front right, a couple on the sleeves. It is barely noticeable.

Size XXS/4 Snow Pants Name Brand LL Bean
These pants are in excellent condition minus one small hole on the leg. It is in no danger of continued ripping. These pants are really special as they open from the ankle all the way up to the waist on both legs. You can see it partially opened in the picture below. 

Girls Size 6X/Large Coat - Name Brand Rothschild
This coat is in good condition with a bit of discoloration on the sleeves from wear. It is hard to see. The coat has a lot of wear left in it.

Boys or Girls Size 4/S Green Coat - Name Brand Lands End
This coat is in like new condition. No marks of any kind. It was worn only a handful of times. Inside pockets, fleece lining etc...

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