Thursday, October 11, 2012

I wanted to give an update on Christian Light Math for this school year. We are still using it extremely successfully. This year I added my 1st grade son and I cannot emphasize enough how well it is going. He actually asks to do math first thing each morning and gets 100% nearly every day. 

I just asked him to tell me what he thinks about his math and he said, "I love it! Why would I hate it?" I think that is a great recommendation. I am very excited to have at least one of my children that get to start CLE from the very beginning. I wish I had discovered this program earlier. 

On another note, I want to share another wonderful resource. It is a math drilling website called . I love it for several reasons...

  1. There are no distracting ads.
  2. It has a pleasing, easy to read layout.
  3. It is very systematic.
  4. It repeats missed problems until the child gets it. 
  5. It is low stress.
  6. It tells you when to be done for the day and it only takes about 5 minutes. 
  7. It continues to build, starting with addition going up to division.
  8. It sends the parents weekly reports of their child's progress and how often they logged on. 
  9. It is completely FREE!!!

Here is a screen shot of one of the problems. If the child doesn't put their answer in, it shows them the answer in grey. The child still has to put the answer in which helps them to memorize it. 

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