Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Resolutions... with a TWIST

So this year I really want to make some big changes (don't we all?) But I think that I need to approach these changes the way I train my body to run a 5K, in baby steps. So I have decided that I am not going to do "A" New Years Resolution, I am going to do "Monthly" Resolutions. This will give me a chance to start with a few plans, turn them into good solid habits and then add more. For January, I am going to work on the following:


Spending on pizza & fast food - No going out to eat unless someone else is buying. This is my area of biggest spending. Plus I am starting my fitness routine in 5 days and this will help keep me on track with my diet plan. 

Make do with what I have - I am not a big spender by any means, but I could have easily justified new boots recently. I wear them every morning while I deliver my newspaper route and they are essential to me. I noticed about a week ago that my feet were getting really wet. Upon inspection, I saw that the sole had separated from the boot pretty significantly and there were cracks all over the vinyl. I used Gorilla Glue to reattach the sole and then used Mod Podge to cover the cracks. It worked beautifully and I had both fix it solutions on hand. Money spent $0.

Make a budget based on the envelope system and stick with it - I have already done this and I am being very strict with it. I divided it out over all my paydays and determined which envelopes would get money each week. Next month when I get my Income tax return, I will take this to the next step. 


Workout - For the month of January, I am going to do the Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred DVD. It is available for free on youtube. 


Meal Planning Pictures - I am going to take a photo of each meal I make and save them on my computer. This will help me to visually menu plan for future meals as I am a highly visual person.

Track my calories - I am going to track my calories on SparkPeople online and eat more fruits and veggies. I will award myself $10 for every pound lost so I can get my hair done. It has been over 7 months since it has been cut and highlighted and it really needs it. 

Personal - It is my goal to have a visual diary of my life this year. I have been taking daily pictures with little notes on my Kindle, but my real plan is to print out a few pictures each week and keep them in an album. For now, this works. Here is a screen shot of my journal.

OK, those are my January Resolutions. Do you have any? Leave me a note in my comments section. 

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  1. Monthly Resolutions are a great idea -- keeps the newness factor up! I joined the Decluttering crowd on the WTM board. :)
    Thanks for the tip about gluing the boots. I have a pair I bought last year and haven't needed yet (not enough rain) but I know the seams are cracked and I don't want to spend money on new ones.