Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thanksgiving Play

Would you like to have a Thanksgiving Play for your homeschool group or family to perform? Here is one I put together for my own homeschool co-op. For families with just a few children, combine multiple characters into one character. For instance, Pilgrim 1-2-3 could be read by just one child. You shouldn't need to modify the lines at all to do this.

You can read it as a readers theater, or put together some props and scenery for a more elaborate play. If you use it, please leave me a comment telling me all about it!

Looking for something fun and creative to give to your children this Christmas? Check out my etsy shop for handmade capes. Click the picture to take you there.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Would you consider Following my blog?

I am excited to see a lot more traffic here at my blog which encourages me to post more often. As of right now, I have 10 followers and I would like to see that number grow. If you have been enjoying visiting my blog, would you consider becoming a follower? I promise to keep adding and updating my blog if you give me the support of letting me know your out there.

Also, I have a lot of interests

  • homeschooling (all ages)
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  • home management
  • art
  • movie making
  • history
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  • more...
I would love comments to let me know what you would be interested in future posts on. Either ask me some questions or let me know topics you would like to see. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012

Gypsy (and our friend the Nerd)

Skirt: Personal Collection
Black Shawl: Thrifted
Colorful Scarf: Goodwill
Velvet Jacket: Goodwill
Shirt: Personal Collection
Necklace: Personal Collection

Total Halloween 2012 Cost: $4.50
We have always been super into costumes / drama / history in my house so it is no surprise that Halloween is a fun time for us. I want to share some of this years costumes, mostly from our dress up box and tell you how we made them.

This is all of us

My oldest and my youngest

Princess Leia:
Dress: Personal Collection / Thrift Store Find 1980's style dress
Shirt: Since the dress was short sleeve, we added a white turtleneck
Belt: Oldest daughters closet
White Leggins: Mom's longjohns
Cape: I sewed the kids a bunch of these a few years ago using a pattern I created. This is one of them.
Light Saber: Son's toy
Gun: Daughters Water Gun

Total Halloween 2012 Cost $8.00 for the White Turtle neck from Target
Red Riding Hood

Dress: Amish Dress bought at a thrift store in Amish Country few years ago.
White Shirt: Daughters
White Apron: Handmade a few years ago for dress up.
Cape: Another one I made.
Basket: I think my Grandma gave this to me or I bought it at a garage sale.

Total Halloween 2012 Cost $0
Super Girl

Shirt: Daughter's T-shirt
Skirt: Goodwill Halloween 2011, Tennis skirt (she was  a cheerleader last year)
Tights: Target
Boots: Mine
Cape: Sewed it that day.

Total Halloween 2012 Cost: $10 for tights and fabric for the cape.


Hat, Sword, Hook & Eye Patch: Dollar Tree
Shirt: Dress up box (girls shirt)
Vest: Goodwill, Ladies Section
Pants: Goodwill, Boys Section
Scarves: Goodwill
Belt: Goodwill Costume
Boots: Winter Wear

Total Halloween 2012 Cost: $9

I am most proud of this costume because I think it turned out amazing and I just pieced it together that day. Here are some more shots of my son in his pirate outfit. 

Just Bitten
(I couldn't think what to be so I chose to be bitten by a Vampire.
I got a $2 Chipotle Burrito for dressing up, plus it was fun!)

Dress: Garage Sale Find
Cape: I made this for all my historical reenacting projects. It is real wool. The pattern is by Folkwear.
Necklaces: Personal Collection

Total Halloween 2012 Cost: $0 

Moral of the story... 

Keep a really great costume box and add to it all year long from Garage Sales, Thrift Stores, Sewing Projects and gifts from friends.